• Isabella Blow (and the written word)

    Isabella Blow (and the written word)
    Now, I appreciate this may seem a little off-course, but bear with us. Primarily, the late Isabella, fashion icon and muse inspires in us, the exuberance of all things wedding. The extra mile. 
    And that extra mile, when we're in the bridal zone, is the fine-tuning, taking due care of the finer details to channel your wedding vibe perfectly. 
    In the exquisite hard-book by Martina Rink, the former personal assistant to Isabella Blow pays homage to the glamorous, enigmatic Blow bringing together a collection of hand-written letters from all those who loved Isabella, from Mario Testino to Manolo Blahník. We are moved by the hand-written notes and touching tributes, the honesty of the written word. 
    It's the written word we're talking about, the personal touch and power of not only your content but the choice of type - from your save the date and wedding stationery to wedding favours and personalised wedding gifts.  There is no better way to express your personality and how precious the value of having your friends and family join you in your wedding journey. 
    A Braw Wedding recognises the importance of type and expression and more so, you as a couple, and will exude your style, be it quirky and raw, minimalist or maximalist, we've got it covered. glasgow

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    Steven Meisel, Portrait of Isabella Blow, 1990's